Kalyani is one of the five planned cities of West Bengal crafted by B.C. Roy. However, the people of Kalyani and nearby areas never had the opportunity to have a great place for entertainment.

Movies and cinema have been a crucial part of society when it comes to entertainment and refreshment. Sangam Multiplex is the first one of its kind multiplex in Kalyani with two screens. From a small common cinema hall to multiplex and then to 3D screen, Sangam Multiplex has developed itself according to the need of the amazing people of the city.

We are working continuously towards improvising the services to provide an extraordinary user experience for our customers who helped us reach here.


MISSION: To give the best user experience to customers in terms of entertainment through movies and cinema.

VISION: To be the first choice of movie lovers throughout Kalyani and West Bengal in the coming future.